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TIME SQUARE OILFIELD supply & services company providing a complete range of equipment’s, parts, accessories and services to oil and gas companies. We established in 2008. The company provides professional and dedicated services to oil and gas industry in UAE and well-resourced company, striving for excellence and customer satisfaction.

Times Square serves its clients whose business needs and requirements are broad-spectrum in a dynamically evolving energy marketplace. Our innovative management and energy-related regional experience gives us a competitive advantage and that enables us to deliver superior results to our most demanding clients. We engaged in 

  • Supplying Products, Equipment’s, Parts to the regional Oil and Gas Companies and their Projects.
  • We supply parts of Ruston, Solar, Fiat, GE (Ms5001PA, MS5002D, MS5002B&C), Siemens (V Series)
  • Serving Refineries, Industrial and Marine Companies besides Oil Producers.
  • Providing strategic and technical advice with the support of its associates and principals on international new ventures and project management.
  • Representing manufacturers, and service companies to projects involving engineering, equipment supply and logistics.
  • Representation of foreign companies, suppliers, after-sales-support and specialized services.

We are associated with large and reputed manufacturers and suppliers mainly from US, Europe, CIS, the Sub-Continent and the Far East. We supply Oilfield & Gasfield Equipments, Pipes and Tubular products from a select group of API and ISO approved Mills and Manufacturers including Valve and Pump products.

We supply majority of equipment and parts directly from manufacturers according to the project requirements. Our ranges of product are for all phases of exploration, development, production, transportation, gas oil separation and refining, distribution etc.

What We Aim to Do
We offer independent and outstanding services to our clients (public, private and municipal companies and organizations) to assist in achieving their goals and to be recognized as one of the leading companies not just in the UAE but globally.
What We Aim to Do
Our goal is to exceed the expectations of every client by offering outstanding customer service, increased flexibility and greater value, thus optimizing system functionality and improving operation efficiency.