Kitz Parker JC
KTM Uni Lok Gyrolok
KVC Bettis Maibranque
McMaster Carr Kanon – Asco Traingle
Pegler Hisaka Valque
Apollo Newco Dresser
Hancock Bonney Forge Goyen
Masoneilan TK Rockwell
Vogt Walworth Whitley
Shafer Crosby Kimray
Econosto Crane WKM
Balon TKV Hunter
Cameron Mecair Smith
Kunkle China Make Swagelok


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What We Do
We offer independent and outstanding services to our clients (public, private and municipal companies and organizations) to assist in achieving their goals and to be recognized as one of the leading companies not just in the UAE but globally.
What We Aim to Do
Our goal is to exceed the expectations of every client by offering outstanding customer service, increased flexibility and greater value, thus optimizing system functionality and improving operation efficiency.